Rosen Lied Delays

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RosenLied has announced a delay in the release of the new dolls for January. Information below as posted on the website:

“The update of the The One dolls and limited dresses by our artists will be delayed until January 30th & Feburary 6th 2009.
These The One dolls and limited dresses were originally scheduled to be released on January 23rd & 30th however, due to the preparation of our latest limited dolls/season limited basic dolls they have been delayed one week.”

“The The One dolls will be updated at 7:00 pm (Korean time) on January 30th, 2009 and the limited dresses on Feburary 6th.
We apologize for the delay of this new release!”

In addition, the company stated that the Limited Dolls from December will be shipped out starting next week. 

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