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According to the header on the company website, Elfdoll will offer a special present for customers who purchase over $300 between October 1-31, 2009. They will include a set of 5 Alice Qee pig figures with the order. According to the notice, the prices of some of their items will be lower, and they are instituting a point system for purchases. There will also be a VIP customer system. Any customer who purchases over $1000 will become a VIP customer at the end of that month. VIP members will see a special VIP menu when they log into the website. There will be various special events and discounts offered to VIP members.

Elfdoll has been renewing the website over the last few weeks and is about to release the new re-vamped Rainy doll line.

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Rainy Doll Viviene New version

Rainy Doll Viviene New version


Qee Pigs

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