Luts Reminder…

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Kid Delf Mocha

Kid Delf Mocha



Luts is adjusting their prices to reflect the fluctuations in currency.  They have requested that anyone interested in ordering their dolls to please wait until after this adjustment is completed to do so.  The currency adjustment period is from November 27th to 29th Korean time.

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Luts Price Adjustment

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Due to currency fluctuations, Luts is re-adjusting their prices. As a result, they may be delayed in responding to any inquires on the Q&A board and payment confirmations. They hope to have the price adjustments done soon.

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Luts Posts New Dolls

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The Lutz website posted a picture of two upcoming releases on their front page. The new dolls are Luts Honey Delf Taffy Dreaming and Pudding Dreaming. They will be officially released on October 15th.  They are not limited and will come in real skin normal only. 

There are also two new fullsets that will be released on the same day, Baby Brier Taffy and Baby Brier Pudding. These will be limited and are also only available in real skin normal. 

Pudding Dreaming & Taffy Dreaming

Taffy Dreaming and Pudding Dreaming


Baby Brier Pudding and Taffy


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Eveline and Dahlia Now Available

September 30, 2008 at 9:05 am (Luts) (, , , , , , , , , , )

Update: Luts has opened their two new  60 cm. Senior Delf girls up for orders.  Both come only in ‘normal skin’ option. they are only available as basic models, not as limiteds. 



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