~Tiny Doll Displays~

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carrie's pumpkinframed250

Dollhouses and displays are highlighted in a new video. Several dollhouses including a unique “Pumpkin House” are shown along with displays on shelves and in vitrines.  Check out the video, article, and photo gallery HERE.

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Charles Stephan at GoGaDoll

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Charles Stephan is still recovering from his trip and catching up on things at home, but he sent some shots from his trip…

Short Article

Charles’ Photos of His Exhibit and related images from GoGaDoll 2009

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The Sleeping Elf ~ Dolls by Carrie Atwood

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Story on Carrie Atwood of the Sleeping Elf Lmtd.  Carrie talks about her background as a miniaturist and how she became interested in BJDs and began to make her own.  The gallery features numerous pictures of all her dolls, along with some of her paintings, miniature figures and animals.

The Article

The Gallery

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BuBu Odoroki Released with Snoink

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The New Charles’ Creature Cabinet doll is now available for Pre-order. Bubu Odoroki is limited to 50 dolls. The company is also selling another limited release, Snoink, a teddy piglet. that has been designed by Charles Stephan and created by Tinybear’s Magical Creations. Tinybear aka Carrie Atwood, is a BJD artist and creator of Moona, Bracken and the other fair folk of y The Sleeping Elf Lmtd. Snoink is a limited edition of 30 and the cost includes shipping from Tinybear in the UK.

To see the  rest of Today’s News, go HERE.


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Sleeping Elf Large Mina & Bracken Available

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New versions of Mina and Bracken are now available for order from English doll company The Sleeping Elf Lmtd..  The original versions are 5.5″ dolls, but the new dolls are 10″ tall. The dolls are available in normal and white resin.  Other colors will be available for an additional fee. A special Limited edition red resin Bracken is also available for pre-order. Only 15 were made and many are already claimed. For more information, contact Tinybear at the main website or through The Sleeping Elf Etsy Site.  She can also be reached through Den of Angels HERE where prices for the dolls have also been posted.


Limited Red Bracken

Limited Red Bracken

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Charles Stephan ~ Artist of the Unique ~

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The resin dolls of Charles Stephan are unlike any other BJDs…

Interview with Charles Stephan of Charles’ Creature Cabinet!

To read the article go HERE .

To see the Charles Stephan Gallery Album, go HERE .

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Firefly Faerie, New Gallery Pictures

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Charles Creature Cabinet has posted a first glimpse of the new doll which will be  Fidelia, a firefly faerie. She is described as having ” a secret magical feature”.

In addition, new photos of two of the company’s dolls Deer Faith and Yoshi, were re-designed with custom face-ups by Sweetly Twisted.  The new look for these dolls can be seen in the gallery HERE.


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Last Few Days for New Year Sales

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Bubble from DollnDoll

Bubble from DollnDoll


While a few new year company events have ended, several continue until the last day of January.  The remaining events that end on the 31st are:

Nobility Doll: My Special Ball Jointed Doll Event – Free items with the order of a custom head.

Charles’ Creature Cabinet – 30% discount on Limited Woodling dolls released earlier, 20% discount on the new Baby Faun dolls. 

DollnDoll: Free Shipping Event – Free shipping on a full dolls made by DollnDoll.

Notdoll Lab – 30% sale on the Basic Lady Line dolls and Basic Lucy dolls.


Information on all ongoing sales can be found on the Company Events page HERE.

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Charles Creature Cabinet Unique Doll

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Charles Creature Cabinet will be attending  the Doll & Bear & Hobby Con, Bleiswijk, 24 and 25 of January. The company will have a one-of-a-kind doll on display.  The doll is named Hedgehog Honey (hejjihogu hachimitsu).   Doll outfit designer Linda Stephan (Lin Murasaki Design) and Tara Stephan will also be attending. The company will have  the Wooding dolls on display, along with the Alice Pig series. The website for the show is HERE .


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Woodling Baby Faun Quads have Arrived

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The newest members of the Woodlings story have arrived.  Charles Creature Cabinet‘s four new micro Woodling Fauns are now for sale on the website.   The 8 cm. Limited dolls are named Issa, Jemmy, Lena, and Kimbo.  They are available individually. For a limited time, the dolls will also be 20% off the regular price. The Fauns come with eyes, special wooden box, and outfit.  An additional gift included with the dolls is an ‘Animal Baby Hat’ by Lin Murasaki Design. The dolls come with either the default face-up or, for an extra fee, custom colored resin, face-up, and body blushing. 


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