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Check out the new tiny from The Sleeping Elf! Everything about the new Doll Thistledown by Carrie Atwood can be found HERE.

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The Sleeping Elf ~ Dolls by Carrie Atwood

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Story on Carrie Atwood of the Sleeping Elf Lmtd.  Carrie talks about her background as a miniaturist and how she became interested in BJDs and began to make her own.  The gallery features numerous pictures of all her dolls, along with some of her paintings, miniature figures and animals.

The Article

The Gallery

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Sleeping Elf Large Mina & Bracken Available

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New versions of Mina and Bracken are now available for order from English doll company The Sleeping Elf Lmtd..  The original versions are 5.5″ dolls, but the new dolls are 10″ tall. The dolls are available in normal and white resin.  Other colors will be available for an additional fee. A special Limited edition red resin Bracken is also available for pre-order. Only 15 were made and many are already claimed. For more information, contact Tinybear at the main website or through The Sleeping Elf Etsy Site.  She can also be reached through Den of Angels HERE where prices for the dolls have also been posted.


Limited Red Bracken

Limited Red Bracken

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Sleeping Elf Limiteds

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The Sleeping Elf Lmtd., an English BJD company, has limited fullsets of the dolls on an Etsy Shop,  The Sleeping Elf . Dolls must be ordered by December 10th for Christmas delivery.

Cherri large natural resin Moona

Cherri large Moona

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