Kerli Tea Party with Goodreau Dolls

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The new Kerli music video for the Almost Alice (Music inspired by the Motion Picture) album has been released. The video features dolls from Goodreau Dolls, LLC. The video can be seen HERE. Doll artist Paulette Goodreau went to the set for the video. The short article of Paulette’s account can be read HERE. Photos taken by Paulette on the set can be seen in the BJDcollectasy gallery HERE.

To check out more of the latest BJD News, go HERE.

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Bishonen House

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New doll Logan in tan resin

The creator of the Men of Bishonen House, Donn (Donald Kinney), in a special interview. Check it out here.

Gallery of Bishonen House Photos can be seen HERE.

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Dollfair News & Free Shipping on some In-stock Dolls

December 2, 2008 at 1:01 pm (Atelier Nouveau, Dollfair, Elfdoll, Goodreau doll, Limhwa, Narin) (, , , , , , , , , )

Dollfair is offering free shipping and discounts for various in-stock dolls which include Elf Doll Limited Editions and Goodreau Doll Limited Editions.

Limhwa ordering has been extended to the end of today, December 2nd. Supia ordering will open again some time this month. Narins are open for orders now with free shipping. There are also a limited number of Narin dolls in tan resin, open eyes, and a choice of knee systems in stock for immediate delivery. Atelier Noveau US-made doll Sleetwealth Briar is also still available. More information on Dollfair dolls with specific sale dolls in stock can be found on the main page of the website.


Narin Doll

Narin Doll

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