The ‘Unusual’ BJD

The BJD world is a place made up of doe-eyed young ladies, girl-like young men, the cutest little children, and cuddliest animals. But now and then something a little…. different emerges and stands out. These are the ‘unusual’ dolls, the ones that contain a touch of whimsey or push the design envelope a little further. Lately a number of dolls that fit this description have caught our eye, and this article is a showcase of some unusual dolls.

The trend in BJDs has always been to allow the doll to pose like a human, so many have detailed articulation on most of their body. The Q.pito doll by the new Mrs. A.H. Doll Company goes a bit further and has a jointed jaw.  Q.pito looks a bit like a marionette or ventriloquist dummy, but he is clearly intended as a resin art doll.



Dolls with teeth show up now and then, though closed-mouth dolls are the clear majority. Bleu Citron, however has not just teeth, but an open mouth with a removable tongue. This new doll from Notdoll Labs has both fans and foes of this new look.



Pipos definitely makes some of the cuddliest of cute animals, and they also make cute animal ears and tails that can be attached to human BJDs. One of their more interesting part options however, is their Marine-cat Tail Parts. Most cats don’t like water, but restring your Pipos kitty doll with this optional part and it becomes a water-loving kitty mermaid! Since there are no legs on this mer-pet, a stand made to look like a seashell is included.




Unidoll also added some resin additions to a new Limited Doll, but this time they weren’t body parts, but the doll’s wig and outfit.  The company’s new Momo Special doll has a resin dress that snaps onto the body and a wig looks like a sculpted helmet.  



A company with some very unusual tiny dolls recently opened called  Charles Creature Cabinet . The dolls are designed by Dutch artist Charles Stephan who collaborated with Elf doll on the Alice pig series. These new tinys, called the Woodlings, are unique creatures. They are all part of an imaginative story-line which can be followed on the equally unique company site.

Deer Faith

Deer Faith














Angel of Dream (AOD) is a Chinese doll company that seems willing to experiment, and currently they have the record for the largest resin BJD, the 1/2 (90 cm.!) doll. These dolls obviously won’t fit into the clothing and wigs of other dolls on the market, so the company has thoughtfully included a wig, undergarments, and shoes with each purchase. Currently they offer 3 different heads. All of the dolls are male.



Some older designs of unusual dolls that are still on the market should be mentioned here as well. Unoas are famously loaded with unusual features. Rather than list them here, this article written last month on these dolls reveals all of their special design features. Domadoll’s Uni is a doll re-configured as a centaur. 



If an award could be given for the Company that Introduces the Most Innovative Designs, Soom would be given the trophy for their Monthly series dolls. Each month, the company introduces an unusual doll with distinctive design flair. A stroll through the Monthly doll section of their site is like looking through an art book. Some of our favorite doll touches; transparent ears, hands and feet on Topaz Honeydew, and the sexiest hooved feet ever on Beryl.





  1. Connie Lowe said,

    I LOVE the new Notdoll doll!!! Hope to order soon!!

  2. deb in atlanta said,

    Great article and a super resource. I’ll be bookmarking you site. Thanks!

  3. halen said,

    the uni corn ones are arther cute i like the not dolls to its new and i think A 90 CM DOLL i was to big for me you might as well have a child or something

  4. Alison said,

    Fantastic article. Of coure Soom’s Beryl is a gorgeous beauty–but I love seeing all these wonderful dolls together.

    I had just seen Bleu Citron on NotDoll’s web site, and I have to admit she was fascinating.

  5. sunflowerdoll said,

    Great post!

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