Crowning Glory


Pewter Fwig from Denver Dolls

Pewter Fwig Tibetan Lambs wool wig from Denver Dolls

picadillystarlight89 synthetic wig Jpop Dolls

picadillystarlight89 synthetic wig Jpop Dolls


One of the easiest ways to radically change the appearance of your doll  is by changing it’s wig.  It is far easier than opening up the head, digging the eyes out, and replacing them. It is Far FAR easier than wiping the doll’s faceup and re applying it.  Switching to a different color, length, or different material of wig can create a whole new personality for your doll. 

Wigs for BJDs are generally made of  natural hair, synthetic hair, or faux fur.  Each hair type has it’s own visual qualities. Switching around wigs made of different materials, even if the color is consistent, can change your doll’s look almost as if you are giving it a new cut and style. The most common natural hair doll wig is mohair.  Mohair can be dyed to any shade and styled.  It has a very soft look. Mohair is the material used in most antique doll wigs. Tibetan lambs wool wigs are also popular, and they are usually left with a natural soft  curl. The major drawback to mohair and tibetan lambs wool is that they can get matted, and they can’t be easilly combed without pulling clumps of hair out.  Synthetic hair wigs are extremely popular as they can be made into many elaborate styles and combed out more easily. They also come in every color imaginable. The quality varies, but there are many very natural-looking synthetic wigs available for BJDs.  Synthetics can get a dried-out look and have fly-away hairs, so they need occasional maintenance. Faux fur wigs are soft yet spiky, and can mimic the anime hair look. Fur’s biggest drawback is the length.  Since fur wigs are made out of a  furry material, for anything but the smallest dolls, the length is likely to be short.  Fur wigs are very low maintenance and for do-it yourself types, relatively easy to make.  

Mohair court wig, Court & Castle Dolls

Mohair court wig, Court & Castle Dolls

 A wig constantly slipping on a smooth bald BJD is one of the most common doll annoyances. Wig slippage is easy to fix. One way to correct it is to buy a wig cap.  If the doll is wearing a dark wig, a wig cap will also protect the resin against getting stained by any dye left in the wig.  Other simple anti-slip remedies include velcro, or a rubber-band wrapped around the head under the wig, a piece of sueding glued on the cap, or 2-sided wig tape from Volks. 

There are a few products available for keeping wigs in good condition. Volks carries several hair products including wig mist, wig oil spray, water wax, and dolfie shampoo and conditioner. The oil spray is an especially popular product for taming a dry wig. Some collectors wash their wigs in cool water and rinse with a bit of fabric softener to renew the hair. Some wig conditioners for human wigs, available at beauty supply stores, can work on doll wigs as well. Need a quick fix?  Try rubbing the hair with a dryer sheet. My Little Pony or Barbie toy brushes are good for combing out synthetic wigs. Because plastic brushes can build up static, some collectors prefer to use metal tined wig brushes instead.  Any metal brush would work but it can’t include plastic tips. Curly wigs are difficult to wash without losing the curl.  If you decide to re-curl the hair, do not use hot rollers or a curling iron on a synthetic wig as it can melt. Style the wig with damp foam curlers and allow it to dry on a stand before removing the curlers.

Can you make your own wig?  It depends on your skill and the materials at hand.  The easiest wig to make is probably a fur wig. There are patterns for making these on the internet.  A popular one available for print-out is on the Undead Threads website. Making other types of wigs are more complicated as they require a wig cap and sewing wefts of hair. Unconventional materials can also be used and are only limited by the imagination. 


faux fur on different sized dolls Fwigs Denver Dolls

faux fur on different sized dolls Fwigs Denver Dolls

Wig cap from Denver Dolls

Protective Wig cap from Denver Dolls


Volks Wig Oil Spray

Volks Wig Oil Spray


wig cap for making a wig, from CR's Crafts

wig cap for making a wig, from CR



A later article will cover some unconventional wig materials and dying a wig.

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