Collectasy is a blog that was created as a news site about the latest releases in the BJD world.  The new version of this site is BJDcollectasy. The new site is much more versatile. It has more information on the main page, more pictures, a special photo gallery, a company sales event page, and an expanded links page. There are also regular DIY videos, interviews and articles. Currently, this site will be posting a top story of the day.  To read all of the day’s news, please visit our new site. 


Thanks for your support!


  1. Debwest said,

    What a wonderful site. Great organization and lots of information and resoruces. Will there be an area for chat and sharing owner pictures of our BJD’s?

  2. vapalla said,

    There is a bigger site in the works which will allow more pics on the site and, hopefully places for owner’s BJDs. I’ll post when the site is ready, then this site will be set up to automatically take you there. Thanks for the compliments!

  3. Paula said,

    This is an awesome site. I am amazed at the speedy updates and links. Great job! Can I advertise my new ABJD shop here?

  4. vapalla said,

    I can definitely add a link to the website. When I have the new site done. I’ll eventually have ads too. I’ll email you about a link tomorrow. Thanks for checking out the site and for the complements!

  5. Gambitgirlie said,

    I have loved BJDs since I first saw one carried by her owner in a grocery cart, and am now looking for just the right one to be my first addition. I want to thank you for putting so much information into my hands in such a wonderfully designed site. You are making my seemingly endless search for just the right doll into an (almost!) manageable task. I can’t thank you and your knowledge enough!!

  6. vapalla said,

    Hi! I’m sorry I didn’t comment earlier! I am so glad that this site has helped you. I am trying to make it as useful as possible for both beginner and advanced hobbyist. I hope that you find your perfect doll! Good luck!

  7. Kiwi said,

    Hi, do you have an email address we can contact you at? Would like to discuss advertising on your new site. Great blog! Thanks!

  8. nissinirvani said,

    I love this site! Its so nice to see everything to tidily collected in one place rather than scattered across several forums. My friend directed me here this morning for the list of christmas specials and I’m loving it! Even if my wallet isn’t ; ).

  9. Cain said,

    I am not a Yian who is master of So-Nyeon-Gi, but owner of Haji and big fan of So-Nyeon-Gi’s style. May I ask you to change the link name to So-Nyeon-Gi from So-Nyeon-Gi Uhui?
    Just because Uhui is one of many dolls, not part of name of the site.
    I give you a sincere thank you for offering such an awesome blog!

    • vapalla said,

      I am sorry about the mistake with the name. I have changed it here and on my new doll site BJDcollectasy I have written about the latest head of Ryun on my doll sites. They are very beautiful dolls and the website is also beautiful and artistic. I will be happy to write about any new doll from So-Nyeon-Gi.

  10. RetroShoppe said,

    Hi, I am trying to find a link or email address to contact BJDcollectasy regarding advertising on that site.

    Please advise!



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