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Luts will be releasing a new Limited Edition Kid Delf Bory as part of the 2nd Untold Story Series. The 3rd Devil Army – The Youth of Dark Warriors ‘BORY, the Thanatos with black Wings will be available for pre-order for a limited time; from March 5 12:00 (noon Korean time) – 20 April 12:00 (noon Korean time).  The doll can be orderd through layaway.  Information on layaway can be found in a post on the website HERE

Details on the doll from the company:

* Includes
basic set:
Kid Delf BORY with special parts (Wing parts) – without armor painting
Human back parts
Special Hands Parts (left and right)
Weapon (Death Scythe)
A pair of glass eyes
Special Certification
Basic box & Pillows

Option available for BORY Limited Edition:

BORY Open-eyed head OR Dreaming head
Make up for each head (different for each head)
Armor painting (Wing Parts + Death Scythe)

Option costs additionally.
Option parts are available for only with KDF boy BORY LE together.
Order of option parts without KDF boy BORY LE would be canceled immediately, without notice.

* Layaway option possible. About detail of layaway, please refer to our other notice ‘layaway for BORY LE’

* Special webpage will be opened on 27th ~ 2nd March, please enjoy our UNTOLD STORY!
BORY LE’s behind story, work progress and outlook of his world would be released. 🙂

* Further information will be opened one by one, please wait for our further information.

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