Custom House Sale Starts

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The latest Custom House sale has started.  The purchase of any doll will come with a free doll and also a free gift outfit in the same size.  (Ex: a Bisou Ai comes with another Bisou Ai and a Bisou Ai-sized outfit.) Junior,  Little Junior, and Ai dolls come with the free doll and outfit plus they  are also sold at a discount.  The sale ends November 15. When purchasing a doll, the company asks that you let them know which doll is wanted for the free doll.  If there is no request listed, the company will add one randomly and the customer may get two dolls of the same mold. The doll chosen as an extra must be from the same line at the original doll ordered.  (ex. an Ai can only come with an Ai.)

To see the rest of Today’s News, go HERE.

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