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Elfdoll Flower Fairies at IDEX 2009


Update from The IDEX 2009 Show in Orlando,  Florida.  Dale Rae of Dale Rae Designs has sent information and images from the show.

To Read Dale’s IDEX 2009 Report, go HERE 

To see Dale’s IDEX 2009 Photos, go HERE 

To see Marbled Halls Exhibit, go HERE

To see Marbled Halls other  Photos, go HERE

Note: The report is an overview or trends at the show. Information includes not just BJDs but related dolls by other companies. 

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MigiDoll New Dolls

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MigiDoll is completing work on two new doll heads.  The two new boys are called Owen and Yuri.  Currently, MigiDoll has completed a series of photos of the Owen head. The doll heads will be available for order between February 23 and March 22, 2009.  At that time, all of MigiDoll heads can also be ordered.  The heads are made in A-skin normal and white which matches Latidoll resin, and B-skin normal and white which matches Volks resin.  The heads will not be available in tan during this order period. 




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2nd Peak’s Woods Doll Released + Event

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A new Peak’s Woods doll has been released, FOB Punky Beetle.  In celebration, the company is having an event.  New Pictures of Mintie have also been added to the site.
From the site:

  • We happily release two new dolls. One is the 10th of our FOC type Mintie, the color of yellow green.
  • She is as refreshing as afternoon tea in the fairies’ garden.
  • The other is the 4th FOB type Punky-Beetle, the fairy of beetle.
  • As you can get the feeling from his name, he’s got impish charm in punk clothes.
  • We specially throw a event from Jan 30th to Feb 15th.
  • The orders of Mintie will be recieved a doll carrier.
  • The orders of Punky-Beetle will be recieved the same wig in the promoting pic(Blond type)



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