DollShe New Orijean at Dollstown

January 18, 2009 at 9:32 am (Dolls Town, Dollshe) (, , , , , , , )

Orejean will be available for order starting today at Dollstown. The doll can be ordered in a wide variety of resin colors, including;  paleskin, freshskin, orientalskin, paletan,tanskin, and ebony. The darker colored tans will cost extra.  Orijean has an unusual stringing system .  Quoted From the artist:

“Existing dolls have a tension (elastic string) configuration whereby two elastic strings run through the entire length of the body, from the arm to the leg. However, DollShe’s MSJDs have separate elastic strings in the left arm, right arm, from the left leg to the neck, and from the right left to the neck. Therefore, moving one part of the doll’s body does not affect the tension in the others parts of the doll’s body, enabling more subtle and stable poses.” 




The doll was originally referred to as “Origin” but the artist instead came up with the original name ‘Orijean”. The head features a face-plate system. “The face of the Orijean Head can be removed, facilitating makeup application and eyeball replacement.  The structure features a sculpturally appealing partitioned seam.”  

The doll can be ordered complete, or the head alone or body alone can be ordered. Ordering ends at the end of the month but could end earlier if the number of orders becomes too high. Orijean can be ordered HERE.


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