Cherish Doll Valentine Photo Contest

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Cherish Doll has announced a Valentine Story Contest. Information below was taken from the company website:

“Story of Valentine’s Day”
Your entry must express a story of Valentine’s Day. The story can be original or real.

Entries are accepted from 14, January, 2009 to 11, February, 2009.
How to enter You need to be a Cherish Doll Member to enter this contest.
Register Now(Free of charge)
1. Log on to Cherish Doll home page, and access to Photo Gallery
2. Click [Write] and open a new page.
3. Enter Subject as “2009 Valentine Photo Contest”, upload a file of your work, and save.

*1. Subject must clearly say “2009 Valentine Photo Contest” to intend contest entry.
*2. Message is free to be filled, but message itself will not be judged.
*3. One entry to this contest is allowed per person.(Works titled as explained in (*1) are regarded as contest entries. Other photos can be freely uploaded for usual purpose of photo gallery.)
*4. Only Cherish dolls are allowed to be used for the contest.
*5. Entry fee is free

♦Result Presentation & Awards
Result will be presented at NEWS & EVENT in Cherish Doll web site on 14, February, 2009.
Awards is below.
Grand Prize (One) – $50 of Store Credit
Semi-Grand Prize (One) – $30 of Store Credit
Cherish Award (Two) – $10 of Store Credit
*Rewards of store credit will be granted later than 14, February, 2009


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ElfDoll new Flower Elf

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Doll designer Rainman has released teaser images of new tiny dolls that will be available sometime this month from ElfDoll.  They are called Flower Elves, and each head has a sculpted flower headress instead of a wig.  


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Domadoll Sleeping Ojka Head

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Domadoll has posted a new sleeping version of the Ojka doll.  The doll also comes with the new molded doll heel part.  Anyone who orders a new Ojka doll will receive a free knitted hat.  The new heeled feet  are sent unpainted.


Sleeping Ojka with New Heels

Sleeping Ojka with New Heels

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Reminder: Soom Dolls Order Dates

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Soom is currently taking orders for the dolls Sabik, Sabik [Cream White], Sabik Elf, Rex, and Corvi. They are also taking orders for male Mecha-angel Jointed Hands. The ordering period ends on January 19th, Korean time.

Soom has also posted a notice that orders of more than one Mecha-Angel sized doll cannot be shipped in one box and sent EMS.  The box size exceeds the size limitations for an EMS shipment.

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