Jaime Doll New Year Event

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Jaime Doll is presenting a New Year Event that will commence with the release of their new line of Rosebay and Adonis Line cat -eared dolls.  Information posted by the company on web forum Den of Angels follows:


We will present a extra wig to all customers who order Rosebay cat ver. dolls in celebration of happy new year. (Design and color will be random. And the wig’s size will go with doll you ordered.)


1. If you order Special cat ver. dolls, you will get a extra event head (half lidded ver.) of the doll you ordered.

2. You will get a pair of cat ears. (Magnetic, Removable.)

3. You will get hands parts in the pictures and extra 3 pairs of hands.(Each has different form.)

4. If you order Twin cat dolls (Ping and Pong) together, you will get free make ups on your event heads. 

Jaime will post pictures of the event heads other items on their site soon.  The new dolls are scheduled to release January 10 2009, at 12 noon Korean time.

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