Custom House Releases 2 New Dolls

December 23, 2008 at 11:56 am (Custom House) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

Custom House is releasing 2 new dolls on December 24th. One is Limited  Ai Dunkle Unermesslichkeit – Jupiter. He is a tan Limited Full set with clothing, wristlets, necklace, hat, wig, shoes, and faceup. Limited  Ai Edle Frau- Adela. She is a white skinned doll and she also comes as a full set, with clothing, choker, wristlets,hair decoration, wig, eyes,  and faceup. 







  1. armina said,

    hi. I just want to ask where i could possibly buy a ball-jointed doll. the”event series of the AI (mina) from the custom house company”

  2. vapalla said,

    Go to Custom House (link in post) and look at their site if you are interested in their dolls. Event dolls are only available for a limited time, so the doll you are looking for is likely not available any more. There are no Event dolls for sale at this time.

  3. armina said,

    oh…what a pity… i have always wanted the mina doll shown in the “doll master” movie….

    thanks anyway^^

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