Juri Event at Fairy Land

December 16, 2008 at 9:07 am (Fairy Land) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

Fairy Land has announced a special sale event. Details from the site are as follows:

1. 2008 Juri Event
Fairy Land has announced a special sale. Information is as follows:

Event period: December 17, 2008 (7pm) ~ January 18, 2009 (till 7pm, Korean time)
Event information:

Orders above $250 : Select one of either Pukipuki1 faceplate or Pukipuki2 faceplate
Orders above $350 : P1 faceplate and P2 faceplate (two of same type cannot be requested)
Orders above $360 : Little Fee faceplate
Orders above $395 : Mini Fee head
Orders above $1,000 : P1 faceplate, P2 faceplate, L faceplate, M head
Orders above $2,000 : P1 faceplate, P2 faceplate, L faceplate, M head and Pukipuki body

New dolls will be released:
Pukipuki – 3 new types (Cupid2, Darjeeling, Madeleine) and 5 new Full Packages
LittleFee – 3 new types (Flora, Shiwoo, Big Pukisha), 2 new Full Packages
MiniFee – 2 new types (Luka, Rheia), 2 new Full Packages

* Eligible price for free gifts include total price of the products only, excluding shipping fees.
** The event applies to all orders placed in during the event period AND/OR payments received within the event period.
*** All event faceplates and heads (including Juri 2008 MiniFee head) MAY be released as a regular version in the future.
**** Shipping may be delayed more than the stated processing time depending on the amount of orders received during the event period. Thank you for understanding.
***** Makeup and eyes are not supplied with event faceplates and heads.


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