K-Doll Announcement

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K-Doll has posted an announcement regarding shipping of newly ordered doll heads. Due to an unexpectedly high number of orders, the heads will be sent out as they are made. Previously, the heads were all made, packaged, and mailed at the same time. There is no way to tell the likely delivery date, but all ordered heads will definitely be shipped. The last order placement period was for overseas customers to finally purchase the original model Kill-u head before it was completely retired.

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New Dolls for the Fairyland Juri Event

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Fairy Land is releasing new dolls in their Pukipuki, Little Fee, and Mini Fee lines.
Pukipuki dolls include 3 new types and 5 new full packages. The dolls are Cupid2, Darjeeling, and Madeleine.
The little Fee will also add 3 new types and there will be 2 new full packages. The dolls are named Flora, Shiwoo, and Big Pukisha. The Mini Fee line introduces 2 new types, and 2 full packages. The new dolls are Luke and Rhela.


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Juri Event at Fairy Land

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Fairy Land has announced a special sale event. Details from the site are as follows:

1. 2008 Juri Event
Fairy Land has announced a special sale. Information is as follows:

Event period: December 17, 2008 (7pm) ~ January 18, 2009 (till 7pm, Korean time)
Event information:

Orders above $250 : Select one of either Pukipuki1 faceplate or Pukipuki2 faceplate
Orders above $350 : P1 faceplate and P2 faceplate (two of same type cannot be requested)
Orders above $360 : Little Fee faceplate
Orders above $395 : Mini Fee head
Orders above $1,000 : P1 faceplate, P2 faceplate, L faceplate, M head
Orders above $2,000 : P1 faceplate, P2 faceplate, L faceplate, M head and Pukipuki body

New dolls will be released:
Pukipuki – 3 new types (Cupid2, Darjeeling, Madeleine) and 5 new Full Packages
LittleFee – 3 new types (Flora, Shiwoo, Big Pukisha), 2 new Full Packages
MiniFee – 2 new types (Luka, Rheia), 2 new Full Packages

* Eligible price for free gifts include total price of the products only, excluding shipping fees.
** The event applies to all orders placed in during the event period AND/OR payments received within the event period.
*** All event faceplates and heads (including Juri 2008 MiniFee head) MAY be released as a regular version in the future.
**** Shipping may be delayed more than the stated processing time depending on the amount of orders received during the event period. Thank you for understanding.
***** Makeup and eyes are not supplied with event faceplates and heads.

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