A Little More Little Fee

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Additional information to add about Fairy Land’s upcoming new doll line Little Fee.  Little Fees will come with magnets in the wrists and hands, feet and ankles, and in the heads and back.  This will allow easy customization. There are three heads that have been designed, Pipi, Piki, and LittleFee original. They will all be part of the first release. The dolls will be available in both a basic and full package form.  More information on the dolls including price, and more photos  will be released  once more details have been finalized. 

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Cinderella and Andrea Updated Info

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Andrea & Cinderella

Andrea & Cinderella

After many requests, Angell Studio has decided to allow Cinderella and Andrea to be purchased separately rather than just in a matched set. They can be ordered in either normal or senior body. All of the dolls are standard, not limited. The dolls have a list of options, some of which cost extra. For more information, go to the Angell Studio website.

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Crowning Glory

October 16, 2008 at 9:11 am (~Articles~) (, , )

Synthetic wig from Kon'D

Synthetic wig, Kon'D


An ARTICLE has been posted that is all about wigs! It covers materials, and maintenance tips, and curing ‘slippage’. 

Edit: A few handy new tips from a fellow collector have been added!

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