The Woodlings

October 13, 2008 at 6:14 pm (Charles Creature Cabinet) (, , , , , , , )

Charles Creature Cabinet has a new image of the limited BJD creatures that will be released ‘ Full Moon – Luna Night, 14th October 2008 – 20.00 / 22.00 pm European Time Zone’. The larger doll, Yoshi, is a ball jointed doll, while the small doll, Boneka Kayu, has less articulation.  They will be sold separately. 


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  1. Charles Stephan said,

    Update: CCC’s New Special Prices – The Woodlings

    Hello everyone,

    We’d like to explain the reason for our high end* pricing. Considering the current bad international economy and the current US exchange rate, we realize not many people can afford these expensive artist dolls. As we are creating our products for doll lovers in the 1st place we thought about this issue very carefully. Therefore we would like to offer you these new special prices.

    We hope you also feel Yoshi and Kayu deserve their place in the ball jointed doll world, just like we do ^^*

    Thanks all for your love and support.

    * Note from the artist: I really understand the comments about the high prices. But please keep in mind these are true unique artist/designer dolls, as well as ball jointed dolls. The dolls are almost 100% self-made by the artist (me), from character design to 1st prototype sculpt. The dolls are manufactured in Indonesia which means additional shipping costs for us. All dolls are hand-painted = body blushed + face up, so this take up a lot of hours for making of just one doll.

    Furthermore, next to a ‘collectors item doll’ you are really getting a top quality product, awesome unique resin (with Asian skin tone colour) and exclusive wooden box packaging amongst other items included in the full set.

    PS About Kayu: Smaller in size does not necessarily mean it will be less expensive, it takes the same hours of work.

    = =

    We hereby would like to offer you our very special new prices for our dolls:
    Yoshi the Woodling Faerie, Full Set – $ 279
    Yoshi the Woodling Faerie, Default Set – $ 239
    Boneka Kayu, Full Set – $ 179

    Special Offer: “Yoshi & Kayu, Complete Set” – $ 399

    NB The 1st ten orders of Yoshi will receive a very special surprise gift!

    Please visit our shop:

    Thank you all for your love and support!

    CCC Staff/Team

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